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and your struggling
side hustle


Ditch your 9 to 5
and launch a profitable business you love.

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It's time you properly package your experiences into multiple streams of income that not only impacts the lives of those around you but puts consistent income in your pockets.

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Your are worth more than you know!

Find out just how profitable you really are with the book "I AM PROFITABLE"
A Guide to Discovering How you can Turn your Experiences into Multiple Income Streams. 

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A place for the struggling side hustler to turn their break even gig into a full-time business.

Launching With Purpose is  a Small Business and Startup Consulting Agency with an aim to help budding and aspiring entrepreneurs build a profitable business they love.

Our goal is to create business savvy and strong minded professionals though education and personal development as well as business strategies that last the complete lifetime of the business entity.

Here is how we can help.

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Let's create attainable quarterly goals to better help you achieve the success you desire. 

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You have the great idea now let's create a winning strategy to match.

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All it takes is ONE offer to make a difference in your finances. Let's build it together.

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let me guess


You've been working your job for years. Dreaming of the day, you don't have to get up and make someone else more money than you make for yourself.

Does this sound like you...

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There is something you know you were meant to do in the world, but you're not clear on what or how to make it profitable.


You have no clue how to properly run a business, and you could use some help to get established and organize before becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

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Meet your
Income Strategist

Hi, I'm Shaniqua Dupree, Business Coach, Income Strategist, and Lead Consultant for the budding entrepreneur. I founded Launching With Purpose LLC to provide a place for new and aspiring entrepreneurs to get the hands on help they need in order to launch a purposeful, impactful, and profitable business.


After over 15 years of doing my own side hustling, side gigging, and side jobbing, and helping others with theirs to, I realized that I am most useful as the brains behind the business.

Let's get smart about business.

Tune into my
Intro To Business

Learn the basics of business and how to operate as a successful entrepreneur with the concepts and knowledge you need to thrive. 

The #1 Reason Side Hustlers Stay Small 

take a listen

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let's work

Make today the day that you change your life forever

If you know that you can do so much more in life than what you're doing right now, then its time that you take action on a Strategy Session with me TODAY! 

in the know

Income Strategy

This Income Strategy Spotlight is from Jessica Chinyelu also known as the "Sponsorship Lady". In this video she teaches how you can use brand sponsorships to fund your business ventures. Watch the full video to learn key plays that could completely change your business. 

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Client Rave

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My business would not be where it is without LWP! The service that they offer is invaluable. They assisted me with launching my new course, building my website and creating personal and professional goals for 2020. Although the year has gotten off to a rough start, I'm sure that I will still be able to achieve everything that I set out to do this year because of the service they provide. If you are looking to get your business up, running and on the right path, contact them, you will not regret it!

Ereena George

Best Selling Author, Life Coach and Educator

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